Tempe Roots 2012 - 2014
Tempe Roots represents the ancient history of the city of Tempe. It honors the Hohokam people, their native place and their community for being the builders of the water canals that have a direct connection to the Rio Salado. The Hohokam people are represented through petroglyphs and the classic Toltec symbols of corn, beans and squash. The concentric circles represent their world, and the symbol represents the origin of the water of the Rio Salado. Also depicted are three Mexican farmers who du
Color Gives Life 2016
Painted on the front façade of the former Baker’s Painting and Decorating Supplies shop, “Color Gives Life” explores the connection between the building’s history and agriculture in the region. As water and sun give life in nature, a water motif flows around the image supported by the sun in the center. References to Baker’s paint can logo mingle with images of date palms and cotton among the flowing water, alluding to the farming history of the Baker family and USDA date palm farms. This mural
In Harmony With You 2019
A public art for the City of Tempe located at 9th St. & Wilson in downtown Tempe in Wilson Arts & Garden District, it is made with the technique of mosaic art.

The elements or motifs that I propose are a repeating pattern that encircles the standpipe:

A flower coming out from a tree that represents a guardian of the history of the place but that is also looking to the future. This reflects the beautiful trees all throughout the neighborhood.

Between the flowering trees are leaf shapes that sy
Flor Solar 2020
In Downtown Glendale the project "Take a Seat" for the Public Art Program with the City of Glendale.
La Victoria & Escalante 2020
After getting to know the neighborhoods of Victory Acres “La Victoria” and Escalante throughout “Stories from the Community Book” and the tour provided by Victor Jimenez, I realized how important it is to get to know the history and the values of a community that is still around in the City of Tempe.

This design will strengthen community pride and will inspire people to get to know more the origins of the neighborhoods.
World Wide Web 90's - 2020
For the City of Goodyear in celebration of their 75th anniversary I was asked to paint a large 3-D heart sculpture at Wildflower South Park for “The Heart of Goodyear Project”.
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Flor Solar 2020

In Downtown Glendale the project "Take a Seat" for the Public Art Program with the City of Glendale.